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Ammunition is not a standard product or equipment, and its price is not low. For sure that you should keep it in the correct way, which is not only a way to save your money for buying these ammunitions but also a great experience for you to learn how to store your other valuable thing. This experience can be helpful in emergencies, and it is to ensure that the ammo is always ready to be used for hunting.


You know, there are many kinds of storage boxes for ammunition: cartons, plastic, and metal box. And each type has its own pros and cons, while we need to consider the tiny details like temperature, humidity, technical parts, and your purposes.

Questions you have to answer before making a decision!

The question is, the ammo can be in very harsh conditions as the military always operates, so you may think why we need to think about how to store the ammunition?

However, how often do you use the bullet? Do you frequently use it in the military?

Yes, that’s the problem. As you are not frequently using it, like other objects, this durability has its limits, ammunition is not indestructible. The key points that you should remember to store the bullets in the proper way are Dry, Cold, and Dark!


How to keep your ammo dry?

The bullet is usually made from metal, then, of course, it should be kept away from humidity. Once your bullets stay in the moisture environment for a long time, it may be the ideal environment to make the bullet become useless with the rusting. You may get it away by sanding it, however, the size and technical side of the bullet will be changed which can affect the aiming or shooting performance.

To avoid the bullet from the moisture attack, you should keep it away from the humidity place. One of the most moisture places that should be mentioned here is your basement, which is in constant contact with the ground around it, especially on a rainy day. You may seal it, and keep it in the waterproof box, but it is not a long-term solution.

How to keep your ammo dry?

How to keep your ammo cool?

It is cool, not cold, you should remember it.

So please don’t take it to freeze it. But it is important to keep it away from the high heat, which can damage the bullet.  Some places can be mentioned here as the car’s trunk, or glass room which can meet the sunlight everyday and heat can quickly increase under the sun.

Remember to keep your ammo in a stable place, it means you should not take it from a cool area to a hot area, the temperature can make the moisture accumulate inside.

How to keep your ammo in the dark?

Invisible UV rays will affect your bullets, the science proves that a long time under the sun can damage metal because the UV rays can damage almost everything. Fortunately, you can save it indoors, inside cans or ammo boxes to keep it safe and protect it from the sunlight.

Final thoughts: What should I choose to store my ammo?

There are many ways to keep your ammo in a safe place, cartons, plastic, and metal ammo cans. All these boxes can meet the standard that I mention above, cool, dry, and dark places in different ways. To find the best solution for your use purpose, you may check the sharing on “How to Choose the Best Ammunition Storage Box?” here

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