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Ammunition is a special product that required the strickly protection and storage as it can be related to the security of a country, making a decision between life or death. Anyone has to work with or use them, it should very serious in how to maintain ammunition and other defence product properly preserved.

And that’s why the ammunition boxes were born. An ammunition storage box can be wooden, metal or plastic which allows users to keep bullets and other defence items in a safe place and avoid them from being damaged or causing an accident during storing process.

However, in the market, there are thousands of providers, manufacturers, and types of a metal box that causes users to meet trouble and difficulty in making the purchase decision. In this blog, VMF will share with you the difference between these boxes and we hope you can have a better idea about ammo cans before having the final decision.

What is an Ammo Box?

An ammo box or ammo case can or cartridge box is born to store ammunition, which can be made in different sizes, materials, and shapes to meet the requirements of different ammunition and defence equipment. However, all types of military ammo tin have to meet the strict quality standard requirements to store hazardous goods such as ammunition.

These ammo cans are used to store all kinds of ammunition from large caliber rifles (12ga) to .22LR rounds. Besides, these ammo storing tins can also be used to save important items such as documents, hearing protection equipment, and defence items… which are needed to keep in dry condition and avoid physical damage.

Choosing the right box for your purpose

There are a few things you should check for when choosing an ammunition storing box in the market. Check this list to make sure about your purchase decision.

Storing capacity - Size and Weight

Remember, the purpose of the ammo can is using to store ammunition. Therefore, the size of the box which fits the ammo storage purpose should be the first criteria that you have to think about.

Measure the length of your ammunition or other items. It should be longer than your longest item at least 1 inch and wider than the widest item half an inch to make sure your storing items fit well with the storing box.

If you buy ammo boxes for long-term storage, make sure the box is built to hold the weight. If you have larger or heavier items, such as lead weights for a rifle build, you should prioritize a stronger box over all else!

Many buyers prefer metal boxes because they are easy to stack and maintain their structure and protection under pressure.


If you need to keep your ammo collection dry, you should look for a water-resistant ammo can. As a result, the box can endure dampness and even floods. Ammunition boxes also have the vital property of floating, which enables your collection to remain unsealed in the event of flooding.

Opening and closing ability

You should also look at the design of your ammunition box to make sure it's sturdy and will hold up to damage. Some ammo cans have a closed design to protect items from moisture and physical attacks, including waterproof function. Others may have an 'open' design which allows users to look at the inside without opening or taking out any items.

For the purpose of keeping the collection away from the theft, a closed box will be your solution. In the contrast, if you're concerned about keeping dust off of your ammunition while storage, an open box might be a better option.

About the wooden box, one more thing you should concerned about is not all are 100% similar, so remember to check all the boxes carefully before purchasing or you have to get the trusted providers.

Selecting between Metal and Wood

wooden ammo box
wooden ammo box

Let's see and compare the advantages of each type of box here, then you will know which one works for you.

Metal Box

Wooden boxes

-       Being designed for toughness and durability good choice to avoid being physically damaged or being stolen.

-       Ability to hold the heavyweight

-       Having a latch or keyed locking mechanism keeps storage safe and secure

- A most common option for storing and transporting small-caliber ammunition

-       Made from high quality and more environmentally friendly wood to carry and store ammunition

-       Multi-purposes function besides storing ammunition



Find your ammo cans with VM Federation

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